Watermelon Outrigger Canoe for a Luau

Jun 21 2012 in Watermelon by fruitcarving

Watermelon Outrigger

Watermelon Outrigger

Learn how to carve this elegant watermelon outrigger. A great addition to any occasion, the outrigger displays the fresh fruit beautifully, making it an appetizing feature.


1 seeded watermelon – as long as possible
1 chef’s knife
1 paring knife
1 wooden spoon for serving and can double as a canoe paddle
1 marker pen
Pineapple and coconut for the mixed salad


  1.     Cut about 1/4″ off from one side of the melon to create a steady base.
  2.     Use your marker pen to outline the edge of the boat about a 3rd of the way down.
  3.     Carefully cut out the boat following the lines you marked.
  4.     Hollow out the melon, saving the flesh to use in the fruit salad.
  5.     From the top section of rind that we removed, cut out the float and adjoining bars.
  6.     Position the float and bars and if necessary secure with toothpicks.
  7.     Fill with mixed fruit salad such as watermelon, pineapple and coconut chunks.