Watermelon 8 Ball Punch Bowl w/ Snack Bowls

Jun 20 2012 in Watermelon by fruitcarving

Watermelon 8 Ball Punch Bowl w/ Snack Bowls

Watermelon 8 Ball Punch Bowl w/ Snack Bowls

Learn how to carve a watermelon into an 8 ball punch bowl. Ideal for any kinds of party or gathering; it looks great and is a brilliant alternative to the boring standard punch bowl.


1 round watermelon – medium-large in size

Kitchen & paring knives
Chopping board
Green dry-erase markers

Channel knife or the end of a vegetable peeler

Paper plate
Saucers to fit under the punch bowl & snack bowls
Black icing (optional)
Recipe for watermelon punch

Personal watermelons for the snack bowls, as many as needed.
Plastic cup, to fit snacks inside the personal watermelon.

Watermelon 8 Ball Punch Bowl w/ Snack Bowls

Watermelon 8 Ball Punch Bowl w/ Snack Bowls


  1.     Rinse all melons under cool water and thoroughly dry.
  2.     Cut 1/4″ from one end of the large watermelon to be used as the punch bowl to create a stable base.
  3.     Use the paper plate as a stencil and draw a circle on one side of the watermelon. Draw a large number 8 in the middle of this circle. Use a channel knife to carve the outline of the circle and the number 8. It is up to you whether you want to remove the inside circles from the 8 or leave them filled in.
  4.     Use a paring knife to remove the outer green rind from between the number 8 and the outside of the circle.
  5.     Slice off the top of the watermelon and hollow it out, keeping the flesh to use in the punch. For contrast, line the circle and number 8 with black icing.
  6.     The punchbowl should be places on a saucer and filled with cooled watermelon punch.

Snack bowls

  1.     Take a smaller watermelon and carve in a similar way to the punch bowl. Use a plastic cup as the circle stencil and draw your favorite pool ball number in the middle.
  2.     Slice off the top and hollow out so that the plastic cup will fit inside.
  3.     Fill the inner cup with snacks of choice.